United Tastes Of America



Autor: Bowers Langholtz

Cook around the country with this geographical collection of authentic recipes from each of the USA's cincuenta states, plus three territories, and the nation's capital Following the success of America: The Cookbook, author (and mother) Gabrielle Langholtz has curated cincuenta y cuatro child-friendly recipes – one for each state, plus Washington D.C. and three O bien.S. territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, and the O bien.S. Virgin Islands). From Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels to Louisiana gumbo, Oklahoma fry bread to Virginia peanut soup, each recipe is made simple by a step-by-step format and a full-color photograph of the finished dish. A full-spread introduction to each state/territory features background about its culinary culture, brought to life with illustrated food facts and maps. Informative and delicious for kids and their families!