Spirits Of The Otherworld. Oocult Cocktails



Autor: Everett Crawbuck

Alcohol meets alchemy in this fun and darkly fascinating collection of cocktail recipes to suit your every mood and whim. Astrology, tarot, palmistry, and other spiritual arts are having a momentand that includes the spirits we enjoy during cocktail hour. With this deeply researched collection of intoxicating treats, readers will be able to mix a drink that reflects their interests and satisfies their curiosity. Over the course of five chapters, the authors map out esoteric philosophies that have fueled the dark arts of their times. Each recipe is presented in a double-page spread that includes an engaging history, clear instructions, and original photography. Curious about druids? Try the Oak and Mistletoe, reminiscent of ancient European forests. Into voodoo? Enjoy a citrusy rum cocktail thats finished with Peychauds bitters from an infamous New Orleans apothecary. If vodkas your jam try the Devils Daughter, which pays tribute to Englands most famous prophetess, Mother Shipton. More than just a collection of recipes, this dive into the occult tells you everything you need to stock your bar and kitchen with, while offering compelling background information on natural ingredients, botany, herbs, and spicesall points of interests that connect the cocktail enthusiast and the practitioner of magic. Whether youre serious about cocktails or the occultor just getting acquainted with either onethis ingenious blend of mixology and magic will add a drop of mystery to every drink you make.