Solid Fluid Biotic



Autor: Vv.Aa.

An exploration of the Alpine regions dynamic topography, conceived for the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale For How Will We Live Together, VOGT Landscape Architects has collaborated with the Chair of Günther Vogt at ETH Zurich, Institute of Landscape and Urban Studies on a publication that excavates the dynamic landscape of the Alpine region, with a particular focus on hydrological, biological and geological aspects of the topography. Characterized by a great diversity in all spatial dimensions and qualities, the Alps are not a stable structure, but a dynamic and sensitive organism, defined at the same time by intensive cultivation by humankind. Here, boundaries are ceaselessly overcome and continuously shifted. Solid, Fluid, Biotic documents the contributions at the Biennale exploring the nature of alpine topography and complements them with scientific essays, artistic works and comprehensive photographs taken during field trips to the Alps.