Shirin Neshat



Autor: Ed Schad

Tracing the Iranian-born artist’s personal journey in exile from her native Iran, this book presents Shirin Neshat’s iconic early vídeos and photographs along with new work making its global debut. In the 1990s, Shirin Neshat’s startling black-and-white vídeos of Iranian women won enormous praise for their poetic reflections on artículo-revolutionary life in her native country. Writing in the New Yorker, Peter Schjeldahl called her multi-screen vídeo meditations on the culture of the chador in Islamic Iran “the first undoubtable masterpieces of vídeo installation.” Over the next twenty-five years Neshat’s work has continued its passionate engagement with ancient and recent Iranian history, extending its reach to the universal experience of living in exile and the human impact of political revolution. This book connects Neshat’s early vídeo and photographic works–including haunting largos such as Rapture, mil novecientos noventa y nueve and Tooba, 2002–to her current projects which focus on the relation of home to exile and dreams such as The Home of My Eyes, dos mil quince, and a new, never-before-seen project, Land of Dreams, dos mil diecinueve. It includes numerous stills from her series, Dreamers, in which she documents the lives of outsiders and exilies in the United States. This volume also includes essays by prominent Iranian cultural figures as well as an interview with the artist. Neshat has always been a voice for those whose individual freedoms are under attack. With this monograph, her audience will gain a deeper understanding of Neshat’s own emotional, psychological, and political identities, and how they have helped her create compassionate portraits of the fraught and delicate spaces between attachment and alienation.