School. Come In And Take A Closer Look



Autor: Brita Teckentrump

Young readers will recognize themselves in this compassionate portrayal of school life by bestselling author Britta Teckentrup. Few authors move as easily between the different worlds children inhabit as Britta Teckentrup. Whether shes leading the littlest readers through the seasons, or exploring the science of bird feathers, Teckentrups warm and wonderfully detailed illustrations are a marvelous portal to feelings, facts, and fun. In her newest book, Teckentrup takes readers inside a busy school to follow different students through their dayin class, during free time, at lunch, and through swimming lessons. We come across a variety of faces and expressions that reflect the enormous range of emotions and experiences that each school day brings. There are arguments and hurt feelings, encouraging hugs and deeply felt smiles. The gentle text explores issues that weve all encounteredbullying and loneliness as well as friendship and achievement. While the school in this book could exist anywhere, every reader will find a piece of her or himself in its beautifully and sensitively wrought story.