Sassy Planet. A Queer Guide To 40 Cities



Autor: Vv.Aa.

Check out whats up and coming in LGBTQ scenes around the world with this quirky, vibrant queer travel guide. For decades, LGBTQ travelers have congregated in predictable places: queer-friendly cities like New York and Berlin, or beach towns such as Mykonos and Fire Island. But as progress and visibility expand across the globe, so do queer peoples travel options. Drawing on their own extensive travel experiences, as well as the perspectives of local DJs, artists, activists, drag performers, DIY historians, and long-time residents (many of them found through the biggest advantage gay travelers have over their straight counterparts: hookup apps), the authors of Sassy Planet offer up the latest on whats hot in 40 cities around the world. Traveling in the US? Check out RuPauls Drag Race star Alaskas recommendations for Pittsburgh, where she first got her start. Planning a trip to Japan? Read about the 300+ queer bars packed into Tokyos Shinjuku neighborhood. Even in countries where homosexuality is sanctioned, youll read about emerging pockets of queer acceptance and culture, like the Chale Wote Street Art Festival in Accra, Ghana. If you do choose to revisit old favorites, youll find the very latest info on where to go, from the Por Detroit parties in Mexico City to the clothing-optional Sandy Hook Beach in New York. The book features interviews with local celebs, best-of lists, and little-known hideaways all packaged with helpful insights, cool bits of regional culture, queer loreand of course, plenty of sass to spare.