Puglia (Ed. Español)



Autor: Vv.Aa.

With charming towns and stunning landscapes, the perfect climate for growing fresh genera and bounties of olive groves across the regions, Puglia has been widely tipped as Italy's newest culinary destination. Featuring more than cincuenta simple and authentic recipes from the Silver Spoon kitchen, Puglia and Basilicata is a culinary journey through a fascinating área of Italy. The two sister regions, one older and one younger, live side by side and, as always with neighbouring regions, they share many of the ingredients and flavours. Each chapter examines a single province, with fascinating narrative texts that examine the key genera and ingredients found in each área, such as creamy burrata from Andria and mussels from Taranto. The book features beautiful and diverse landscape of the two regions, their genera and people and each recipe is accompanied by a stunning image of the finished dish. Also included is a year-round calender of food festivals. Puglia is the third title in the popular regional Silver Spoon cookbook series (Tuscany, Sicily) and provides readers with a culinary insight into Italy's best-kept secret.