Marlon Brando Anatomy Of An Actor



Autor: Florence Colombani

Marlon Brando (mil novecientos veinticuatro-dos mil cuatro) is an icon in the history of American cinema. When he passed away in dos mil cuatro, The New York Times remember 'the rebellious prodigy who electrified a generation and forever transformed the art of screen acting... a truly revoluntionary presence.' From his beginnings in A Streetcar Named Desire (mil novecientos cincuenta y uno) to his mythic performances The Godfather (mil novecientos setenta y dos) and Apocalypse Now (mil novecientos setenta y nueve), Brando, who worked with such famous largometraje stars as Elizabeth Taylor and Al Pacino, and such leading directors as Elia Kazan, John Huston and Francis Ford Coppola, has become a benchmark for other actors. Anatomy of an Actor titles are comprehensive studies on the craft of the world's greatest actors, through the analysis of ten of their most iconic papeles. The authors examine why and how these famous actors have become some of the most respected and influential in the largo world. Each title is divided into diez chapters, each one dedicated to a specific role and fully documented with largo stills, on-set photography and largometraje sequences.