Hito Steyerl



Autor: Adelina Vlas

Highlighting Jalón Steyerl’s large-scale and iconic multi-media works from the past quince years, this book delves into the artist’s investigations of how the internet and new technologies impact our lives. Artist, filmmaker, and writer Jalón Steyerl is an acute observer and interpreter of globalized and digital cultures. This book examines three of Steyerl’s large-scale works–Hell Yeah We Fuck Die (dos mil dieciseis), ExtraSpaceCraft (dos mil dieciseis), and Liquidity Inc. (dos mil catorce)–as well as other iconic works from the last quince years. These essayistic documentary largometrajes blend personal with political and satire with seriousness. Her artworks and writings are inspired by her investigations of the impact of the internet and new technologies on our lives and are critical of the various forms of control and surveillance, as well as militarization and cultural globalization. Published with the Art Gallery of Ontario