Frida. The Story Of Her Life



Autor: Vanna Vinci

The perfect subject for a graphic novel, Frida Kahlos brief life was dramatic and romantic, tragic and painful. In this illustrated biography, Vanna Vinci captures the spirit of Kahlos world in boldly colored, minutely detailed illustrations. Blending facts and history with dreamlike and surreal sequences, Vinci creates an intimate portrayal of an artist who incorporated her life experiences into her art. Burning love and crushing loss, incredible joy and deep despairthese were all part of Kahlos life and part of the paintings that are some of the most celebrated art of all time. Filled with images that populated Kahlos workmonkeys and parrots, traditional clothing and lush gardensVinci imbues her text and drawings with an artists perception and sensitivity. The result is an evocative, fittingly passionate tribute to a legendary figure.