Elemental. Teresita Fernández



Autor: Sirmans Cruz

Teresita Fernándezs experiential and luminous works come to life in this monograph that reveals how one of Americas most exciting installation artists investigates the intersection of culture and landscape. Teresita Fernándezs dazzling large-scale sculptures and installations employ diverse materialscharcoal, ceramics, chrome, steel, onyx, wood, resin, and enamelwith an utterly immersive effect. Accompanying a retrospective of Fernándezs career, and including images of her most recent installation, this book captures the powerful nature of an artistic practice exploring issues of perception, geography, ecology, history, and society. Featured works include Fire, her haunting ongoing series on the conceptual phenomena of landscape; Autumn (Nothing Personal), created as a participatory space at Harvard University; and As Above, So Below, a series of immersive, interconnected installations referencing alchemy and the cosmos.