Christopher Lehmpfuhl. Schlossplatz Im Wandel



Autor: Christopher Lehmpfuh

A renowned Berlin-based painter captures the renaissance of one of his citys most important landmarks. The once and future home to Berlins City Palace, the Schlossplatz is an ever-changing space that reflects its citys dynamic history. Published to coincide with the completion of the Humboldt Forum, this volume collects Christopher Lehmpfuhl's atmospheric panoramic paintings of Berlins historic center as it undergoes dramatic change. Lehmpfuhl documented the vast construction site over a decadereturning again and again to the same handful of sites in every season. His magnificent landscapes illuminate the lifecycle of a metropolis. Lehmpfuhl painted each work on site, in every kind of weather, and the paintings thick and swirling strokes reflect the energy of a city in constant flux. Behind-the-scenes photos of Lehmpfuhl at work demonstrate his signature techniqueapplying large amounts of paint by hand directly onto the canvasand reveal the sheer physicality of his effort. The result is a love letter to Berlin, and a unique artistic glimpse into the laborious process of reimagining and rebuilding a city. With an essay by Thomas Gädeke, with prefaces by Wilhelm von Boddien, Hartmut Dorgerloh, and Thomas Rabe